In the Accreditation Self-Study, Judgment is listed as the 8.0 series.

8.0 JUDGMENT: Judgment is the act of integrating previously learned information with situational factors to arrive at a decision.

Outdoor leaders are often presented with decision making challenges in an uncertain environment with limited information. Outdoor leaders must demonstrate judgment by effectively integrating educational components and situational variables to make and implement quality decisions. Accurate assessment and application of skills using judgment is the central quality of an effective outdoor leader.

8.1 Decision Making and Problem Solving

8.1.1 Demonstrates the ability to examine, to evaluate, and to adapt decisions in order to maintain the overall objectives required of each of the core competency areas.

8.1.2 Understands the importance of consistent personal decision-making.

8.1.3 Demonstrates consistent judgment development by conceptualizing and ritualizing decision-making processes in each of the competency areas.

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