planning & logistics

In the Accreditation Self-Study, Planning and Logistics is listed second in the 9.0 series

9.2 Planning & Logistics: The knowledge, skills, and abilities to design, implement, and prepare outdoor expedition trips a minimum of 7 days long.

9.2.1 Understanding of and ability to prepare an effective plan for group outings of seven or more days in a backcountry environment.

Content to Consider: Defining and framing of trip outcomes, itinerary development, gathering of risk management resources, liability and permitting paperwork, finances, transportation, post-trip preparation

9.2.3 Demonstration of ability to design and manage proper travel progressions.

Content to Consider: Utilizing trip outcomes to develop appropriate skill and knowledge progression. Assessment of appropriate skill and knowledge of the leadership team.

9.2.3 Understanding of and ability to adequately plan and package rations for a group of 5 or more for an outing of seven or more days in a backcountry environment.  Content to Consider: Food costs, nutritional value and weight. Food purchasing, repackaging and preparing for resupply. Value of ration planning vs menu planning on extended trips.

Please note: The Curriculum Committee has included “Content to consider” after some general outcomes. This is provided to aid understanding of the outcome, but it does not constitute a list of content that a program must include to address the outcome.

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